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clean & modern spaces equippedfor success.

Kearny Point offers furnished private offices so startups and freelancers can get back to business.
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Our best-in-class Health and Safety Features make Kearny Point an ideal location for re-opening your business.

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Furnished private office spaces

Our spacious Furnished Private Office Spaces are equipped with everything you need to plug in and start running your business right away. All-inclusive of costs at month-to-month lease terms. Spaces are fully furnished and move in ready so startups and freelancers can get back to business.


Keeping You Safe

See all the steps we're taking to get you back to business safely.
Download our COVID-19 Preparedness Update and Air Quality Performance Details.

Pre-war Building
Const. 1900 - 1939
Post-war Building
Const. 1945 - 2000
New Building
Const. 2000 - present
Adaptive re-builld
Const. 2016-2020
Touch-Free Building Entry
Reduces risk of exposure to germs
High Performance HVAC
Using single zone dedicated air handling units prevents cross flow between offices
Medical Grade Air Filtration
MERV 13 filters remove smaller sized particles and trap airborne contaminates than standard filter
UV Air Purification & Sanitization
Using Ultraviolet (UVC and UVV) technology helps to neutralize any bio-aerosoles and prevents the spread of any indoor pollutants
Frequent Fresh Clean Air Ventilation
Removes stale air from the building and replaces it with fresh air every 15 minutes
UV Water Purification & Sanitation
Water stations located throughout the building provide access to clean, safe drinking water, key for hydration and mental health
Continuous Surface Sanitzaion
Industry leading cleaning and sanitation procedures ensures a safe working environment
Oversized Elevators + Wide Stairwells
Allows for multiple means of access and less waiting time for getting to where you need to go
Abundant Natural Light
Daily exposure to natural light optimizes visual and mental health and creates a positive working environment
Large Common Areas
Allows for ease in mobility and practicing social distancing
Virtual Meeting Technology
Conference rooms equipped with video conferencing technology enhances telecommuting for companies large and small
Not present (for 80% or more buildings)
Present for 50% - 60% of buildings
Present (for 20% or fewer buildings)

References: US Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA); Lawrence Berkeley National Lab - Building Technology & Urban Systems Div; US Energy Info Administration (EIA); American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE); American Institute of Architects (AIA); 2019 Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) Outbreak: A Review of the Current Literature and Built Environment (BE) Considerations to Reduce Transmission; NY/NJ Real Estate Listings & Comps


Easily accessible via car or public transportation, Kearny Point is less than 5 miles to Jersey City, Newark, Hoboken and the Lincoln/Holland Tunnels. Get Directions.

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As a relatively new technology company, we’re fortunate not only to have made significant inroads into the smart building market, but also to have headquarters [at Kearny Point] that immerses us in an exciting community full of fellow innovators.
— Aleksandar Jovicic, Co-Founder & CEO, Sembient